2013-10-01 04:24:33 by TheNGVirus

hey guys, how are y'all doin? well, i'm great
i'm actually working on a new version of my "Grabbag" so, tell me if you want that


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2013-10-01 06:51:01

Great! Awesome! Fresh and fantastic, got rid of my last zit, I'm sitting here laughing, speakers blasting like I'm past wit! Well not really but anytime I can rhyme I must be in a good mood. :) Audio? Why not!

TheNGVirus responds:

cool... trolol zit!!!!! imma koopa!!!! good 4 you man... i like to see you happy


2013-10-01 08:33:09

WAZAAAAp to you too.
I'm feeling a bit angry (I always do, to be fair), and really tired after a 6 hour trip (3 hours to get there and another 3 to get back).


TheNGVirus responds:

that's cool.... tell me, why are you so angry faic?


2013-10-11 04:04:00

I was so angry faic because I was told to go to said trip in such short notice. Plus my laptop's broken, and it's raining a lot as of recently, having finals in less than a month...you know, all the fun stuff.